Feed Back
8-21-17  My name is Anna and I have a daughter, Alex, in elementary school. While I do allow my daughter to watch television, I do try to encourage educational viewing while she is still at an impressionable age. Recently, Alex and I began watching "Planet Earth" on Netflix. Many of the episodes feature segments on insects, a phobia of my young daughter. In an admirable turn of events, Alex has sought to overcome her fear by learning as much as possible about the creatures. At just eight years old, I find her rationality rather impressive (although I am obviously biased).

Since I try to monitor Alex's Internent use, I have collaborated with her on her research. While searching the web, we came upon your webpage, http://agriculture4kids.com/bugs.htm, which we found to be very helpful!

I am writing this email to commend you on your resourceful website and to encourage you to continue your work. I also wanted to recommend an article I came upon during my research: http://www.avasflowers.net/teaching-kids-about-the-importance-of-honeybees. This article seeks to teach children about the honeybee, a truly important creature and one Alex is especially interested in. I believe this article would compliment the information that already exists on your website. If you happen to post the article, just send me an email! I hope you have an enjoyable day.

5-30-17 Tina in Lexington Ky: My mom buys chicken that is labeled these Our chickens are not fed artificial growth hormones. I have also been told that no chickens are fed artificial homes, which is right?

MY ANSWER: Tina it is against the law to add hormones to feed fed to chickens and pigs. No chicken or pork products come from animals fed feed with hormones added to it!. The companies who advertise "these chickens were not fed feed containing artificial hormones" on their packages are not lying the lie is in promoting the false belief that some chickens are. I am going to do a new page about the this 'Hormone lie". Also go to http://agriculture4kids.com/hormones_in_beef.htm for more information.

1-29-17 Home health and Nutrition teacher, Cleveland Ohio: I have searched through Agriculture4Kids and am surprised. The information on your website contradicts much of the information I have to teach to my students. I have had to rethink what I have taught to my students especially about food safety and the hormones in beef. It is hard to admit that I might need to learn more about the subject I teach.  
1-3-17 Third grade teacher in Michigan: One of my third grade students used your website as a reference. Since you promote the theory of God Creation I have had to warn my students to avoid your website. Our curriculum teaches only evolution and I do not want them to be confused. Shame on you for trying to get young children to question what they are taught in school. I am a long time member of P.E.T.A. and support the Vegan lifestyle, your website has nothing good to say about how I have chose to live. Why?
12-16-16 - Anna, 5th grade teacher in a Christian School in California: Thanks for your website! Finally a website that supports what we teach in our classrooms. Fighting the evolutionists seems to be an impossible battle to win. Your website has encouraged my students. We have used information from the links on Agriculture4Kids for several science projects. It will be one of our go to resources next year.
9-15-16 - James, Indiana High school student: I found many sources of information for my school project on food safety on your site. My teacher has also used the links listed.