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5-39-17 Tina in Lexington Ky: My mom buys chicken that is labeled Our chickens are not fed artificial growth hormones. I have also been told that no chickens are fed artificial homes, which is right?

MY ANSWER: Tina it is against the law to add hormones to feed fed to chickens and pigs. No chicken or pork products come from animals fed feed with hormones added to it!. The companies who advertise "these chickens were not fed feed containing artificial hormones" on their packages are not lying the lie is in promoting the false belief that some chickens are. I am going to do a new page about the this 'Hormone lie". Also go to for more information.

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. . .Agriculture! We want to help you find more than what you want to know, what you need to know: the truth about US agriculture and the food you eat and the milk you drink." You will also find ways to have fun with Agriculture!


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The truth about factory farms

Attention Teachers: Are you looking for a way to cut through the misinformation red tape and learn about modern agricultural practices? Diamond V Mills, Inc and Farming to Fight Hunger have produced two movies that are both entertaining and informative. Click on the Ivy League Farmer Log to learn about this film.
Ivy League Farmer on IMDB   Where The Fast Lane Ends

More information about this movie coming soon

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Hi, Let me tell you where learning about agriculture begins.

Learning about agriculture begins with these statements, "In the beginning God created." from Genesis 1:1 and "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." from Hebrews 11:3.  Understanding agriculture begins with understanding the relationship between God and His creation. The Theory of Evolution not only distorts the relationship between God and His creation but also distorts the relationship between mankind and nature.

Click here to learn more about the first farm.

Not all information is true. Be careful when read a statement made without facts or by someone who has never worked in agriculture.
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